While there a lot of apps to choose from to file your taxes, there are some that stand out more than the rest. Because each individual is unique, the services that these tax app's will also offer different things.  Some are more affordable than others for the same feature, so it may be tough to pick the right one for you. Most of these apps are even offered on mobile phones to help you file your taxes easily, quickly and on the go. This article will guide you through sifting out the perfect tax app for you so you don't have to extensively research for which one is the best fit. 

The Best Tax Apps for 2023


TaxAct Express stands out as the best tax app overall due to its reasonable prices and impressive free package. While most apps charge approximately $40 for filing fees, TaxAct Express charges only $17.99 for direct deposit refunds. TaxAct offers easy e-filing through its TaxAct Express app, which can be accessed through its web interface, as well as on the App Store and Google Play store. Its competitively priced packages and the ability to pay for filing fees using tax refunds at a fraction of the cost of other tax apps earned it the top spot.

TaxAct software offers reimbursement up to $100,000 in IRS penalties and interest for calculation errors. If you receive a higher refund using a different product, TaxAct's Maximum Refund Guarantee ensures that your filing is free.

Furthermore, TaxAct provides additional benefits such as the ability to import last year's tax return information by uploading the PDF, regardless of whether you used TaxAct previously. Referring a friend can also earn you a $20 Amazon gift card and provide them with a 20% discount.


  • You can effortlessly bring in your previous year's tax information even if you employed a different service provider
  • It is the most comprehensive free option available among all providers
  • You can pay for tax filing using your refund


  • There is no feature for tracking expenses
  • State filing comes at an additional cost, even for the free package
  • The user interface is not as smooth as other tax applications

TurboTax Tax Return App:

TurboTax, a tax prep software owned by Intuit, is ideal for those who need to file taxes quickly. With the TurboTax Tax Return App, you can quickly file taxes by using the auto-fill and auto-import features that allow you to take a picture of your W2 to import your data. TurboTax also offers the Refund Advance option, allowing you to access up to $4,000 of your refund as an advance within three hours of IRS acceptance of your tax return, with no loan fees and 0% APR.

TurboTax can be found on the Google Play store and App Store, and you can also file taxes through its web interface. However, some users complain about unexpected fees and upsells, so it's important to pay attention to the pricing and choose the right package for your tax filing needs.

Even if you use the Free Edition of TurboTax (for simple tax returns only, not all taxpayers qualify), you’re entitled to the maximum refund guarantee. If you receive a larger refund with another app or a smaller tax burden, you will get your federal and state filing fee back. If you used the Free Edition, (for simple tax returns only, not all taxpayers qualify), you’ll get $30 under the guarantee.

If you choose to pay for your taxes using your tax refund, TurboTax offers this option with a $39.99 fee. Otherwise, you can pay your filing fees with a credit card or checking account.


  • By taking a picture of your W2, the app will automatically input the information in the correct forms
  • You can receive up to $4,000 of your tax refund within three hours of the IRS accepting your return by utilizing Refund Advance
  • If you have an Employer Identification Number, the app may be able to import your W2 information automatically, without requiring you to take a photo


  • This tax app may be more costly than most if your taxes are not simple
  • You may receive frequent upsell offers while using the app

H&R Block Tax Prep and File:

The H&R Block Tax Prep and File tax app is highly recommended for its live support feature, which offers Online Assist allowing you to receive unlimited help from tax experts 24/7 during the tax season. You can also conveniently upload all your documents into the app and have a tax professional file your taxes for you.

H&R Block Tax Prep and File is a tax app offered by H&R Block, a tax preparation company. You can file your taxes using the app on your own with assistance from tax experts starting at $39.99, or you can have a tax professional file your taxes for you starting at $49. With its excellent online support feature, H&R Block Tax Prep and File is the top pick. You can pay for your tax filing fees using your tax refund for a $39 fee.

Guarantees include the following:

  • No Surprise Guarantee: If the app fails to provide transparent pricing, a transparent process, free audit assistance, and a free mid-year check-in review, you receive a 20% discount on next year's tax filing.
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee: If you obtain a larger refund from another app, your H&R Block filing is free.
  • Audit Support Guarantee: If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, H&R Block will advise you on how to respond to the notice for free. You can also purchase Worry-Free Audit Support for $19.99 to get help with an in-person audit.
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee: If the software makes an error, H&R Block will compensate up to $10,000 for penalties and interest.


  • Starts at $39.99 to receive unlimited help from tax experts, enrolled agents, and CPAs 24/7 during the tax season
  • Utilize Tax Pro Go to have a tax professional prepare your taxes for you after uploading your documents
  • Store your receipts, returns, donations, and other tax documents


  • This app is one of the pricier options as Online Assist requires payment
  • It does not have a feature for tracking expenses
  • The audit support feature, Peace of Mind, is only useful if H&R Block is at fault for the mistake

QuickBooks Self-Employed: 

As a business owner, it's essential to choose a tax app tailored to your specific tax situation. QuickBooks Self-Employed is a tax app that provides business expense tracking and tax filing services, allowing you to make your quarterly estimated tax payments directly through the app.

QuickBooks is a well-known provider of accounting software, and its Self-Employed app seamlessly integrates with TurboTax. With this app, you can effortlessly track both personal and business expenses, mileage, and even send and monitor invoices, making it an ideal choice for business owners.

Some reviewers complain about glitches while others appreciate the app's ability to track both personal and business expenses. Also, QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn't include inventory tracking, which may be insufficient for business owners with larger operations who may require QuickBooks Online instead of the self-employed version.


  • Track business expenses and mileage on-the-go
  • Authorize access for your accountant or tax advisor
  • Estimate what you owe the IRS and pay quarterly through the app


  • Monitor your business expenses and mileage while on the move
  • Grant access to your accountant or tax advisor
  • Use the app to calculate and pay your estimated quarterly IRS taxes


You Need a Budget (YNAB), traditionally known as a budgeting app, is an excellent tool to track ongoing expenses, making it ideal for preparing to file taxes. By setting up accounts on YNAB and maintaining them every time you're paid, you can easily label each category of income and expenses. Then, when it's time to file taxes, you can download a comma-separated values (CSV) file to share your spreadsheet of income and expenses with your tax preparer or file taxes yourself, earning YNAB our top pick for best expense reporting.

YNAB is available as both an app and a web interface. The service costs $14.99 per month or $98.99 per year, with a free 34-day trial. College students can use YNAB for free for one year and receive a 10% discount on the annual plan after their free year.

Most reviews note the learning curve but praise YNAB's ability to help budget and track expenses still make it attractable to users. You can take a live class seven days a week to learn how to budget with the YNAB app or access any of its tutorials anytime.


  • This app provides video tutorials, articles, and free online courses to assist you
  • It is accessible through both an app and a browser
  • You can synchronize transactions from your bank and investment accounts with the app


  • The app has a significant learning curve
  • It does not include built-in tax filing features. Instead, you must export a CSV file to utilize external tax filing software
  • If your bank is not supported, you must manually upload transactions

Final Thoughts

While most tax apps don’t offer expense tracking, many make it easy to file your taxes right from your mobile phone. If you have a complex tax situation, you’ll need to pay for advanced packages. However, if you’re a simple filer, almost every tax app available offers a free option that can help you. 

Once you file your taxes through a tax app, the app will electronically transmit your return to the IRS. The IRS will then take some time, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days, to match your personal information with the return.

To track the status of your return, you can use the IRS tool called "Where's My Refund?". Generally, you should expect to receive your refund within 21 days, as long as there are no errors or issues with your return. Setting up direct deposit can help you receive your refund faster. If you owe taxes, you have until the tax filing deadline to pay, unless you file for an extension.

The majority of tax software provides a maximum refund guarantee, which means that you will not be charged for filing if you receive a higher refund using another software. However, to receive the highest possible tax refund, it is advisable to utilize every available deduction and tax credit offered by your software. These could include the earned income credit (EIC), child tax credit, and home mortgage interest deduction (HMID), among others. From the list above, you are now better equipped to choose the right app for you.

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