In today's world, LGBTQ+ rights and the recognition of same-sex marriage have become important topics of discussion. While progress has been made in many countries, there are still challenges faced by same-sex couples in certain regions. Lebanon, a country located in the Middle East, is one such place where same-sex marriage remains unrecognized.

In this article, we will explore the current situation and provide information on how to navigate the process of getting married to a same-sex couple in Lebanon.

The Legal Status of same-sex Marriages in Lebanon

In Lebanon, same-sex marriages are not yet legal or recognized. However, there have been notable developments towards the potential legalization of same-sex marriage in the country. 

In 2019, a judge made a significant ruling stating that same-sex relations are not criminal and do not violate the law, which marked a step towards decriminalizing homosexuality. Furthermore, LGBTQ+ organizations and activists have been actively advocating for the legal recognition of same-sex relationships and marriages in Lebanon. These efforts demonstrate a growing movement towards equality and inclusivity.

It is important to note that, despite the absence of legal recognition, same-sex couples in Lebanon may still choose to formalize their relationships through alternative means. For instance, they can enter into domestic partnership agreements or hold symbolic wedding ceremonies to celebrate their love and commitment.

Getting married in Lebanon as a same-sex couple with Courtly

While same-sex marriages are currently not legally recognized in Lebanon, there are alternative options available for couples seeking to formalize their relationship. One such option is Courtly, a platform that enables couples to get married remotely, 24/7, regardless of their nationality, sexual orientation, or physical location.

Courtly facilitates the process of obtaining a valid US marriage certificate from the state of Utah, even if the couple does not reside in the United States or hold US citizenship. This alternative has gained popularity among couples residing in countries like Lebanon, where same-sex marriage is not yet legal.

The entire process, including obtaining a marriage license and conducting the ceremony, can be completed online, eliminating the need for expensive travel and accommodations. Additionally, marriages conducted through Courtly hold the same legal validity as those performed in person in the United States, making it an attractive and practical choice for same-sex couples looking to legally solidify their relationship.

Benefits of a legal US marriage certificate

Courtly offers a valuable solution for same-sex couples in Lebanon and other countries where same-sex marriage is not legally recognized. By obtaining a legal US marriage certificate through Courtly, couples can not only have their love officially recognized but also gain important benefits, particularly in terms of immigration to the United States or other countries that recognize same-sex marriages.

Even if migration is not part of their plans, a US marriage certificate obtained through Courtly serves as a significant legal document that formalizes the marriage and acts as an official record of the union recognized by the United States.

Marriage is a meaningful expression of love and commitment between two individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. Courtly provides a convenient and accessible option for same-sex couples to take this important step without the need to travel abroad. For same-sex couples looking to formally recognize and legalize their relationship, Courtly provides an equally legitimate legal option by removing the costs related to travel and accommodation.

The process of getting married online with Courtly

Couples can conveniently complete the entire marriage process online through Courtly, regardless of their location. Acquiring a valid US marriage certificate through Courtly is a quick and easy process, usually taking less than 48 hours and requiring no additional documentation.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Create an account.

Registering with Courtly is a straightforward process. Simply click the "Get Married" button located in the top right corner of the website and follow the instructions to create your account. Once registered, you can begin filling out your application.

2. Upload your photos and personal information.

To proceed, you will need to provide a government-issued ID displaying your name and birthdate. Courtly's secure ID system accepts a wide range of IDs from over 200 countries. We will carefully review the information to ensure its accuracy and work with the appropriate authorities to prepare for your wedding day.

3. Choose the ceremony details.

Select the format, setting, and officiant for your ceremony. Depending on the date and time you choose, Courtly will assign you a legally qualified US officiant who will conduct the ceremony.

4. Confirm your wedding package.

Make the payment for your chosen wedding package and await the email confirmation from Courtly. Once you receive this confirmation, your wedding preparations will be underway.

5. Celebrate your marriage online with family and friends.

Gather your loved ones virtually and enjoy your wedding ceremony from the comfort of your own home or any other location with a stable internet connection. The ceremony typically lasts around 15 minutes.

After the online wedding ceremony, you will receive a digital copy of your US marriage certificate immediately. A printed copy will be delivered to you within a week or two. Additionally, you will have the option to download your digital marriage license soon after the wedding.

Cost of getting married online

Courtly offers an affordable base package starting at ل.ل 7,579,365 for couples who wish to express their love without straining their budget. This package includes essential components such as a digital and physical license, an online ceremony, an officiant, government-mandated application costs, concierge assistance, and a digital marriage certificate.

Even though Lebanon does not currently recognize same-sex marriages, Courtly provides a legal avenue for couples to marry. This online platform presents a straightforward, cost-effective, and convenient solution for LGBTQ+ couples seeking to formalize their relationship.

If you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifelong commitment, Courtly is here to support you. Start your marriage process with Courtly today and take the next step towards a meaningful union.


Courtly's online marriage platform has emerged as an attractive choice for individuals facing legal barriers or lack of recognition for their relationships, including same-sex couples in countries like Lebanon. Courtly offers an accessible and pragmatic solution. It enables same-sex couples, regardless of their nationality, sexual orientation, or physical location, to obtain a legitimate US marriage certificate from Utah.

By removing the need for expensive travel and accommodation, Courtly streamlines the process and provides a convenient means for couples to legally formalize their relationship. This online option not only grants legal validity but also serves as a powerful symbol of love and commitment for same-sex couples. It empowers them to celebrate their relationship and take a significant step towards a lifelong commitment.

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