Since many bridal couples want to concentrate on their love for one another rather than the stress of their wedding day, elopement weddings are growing in popularity. A wedding for two enables the bride and groom to realize every single aspect, independent of the attendance of guests.

According to Los Angeles-based psychologist Yvonne Thomas, "Eloping is more acceptable because it may be the best option for certain couples. Eloping is typically less expensive, simpler, less stressful, and more private.”

Why should I elope?

1. Eloping is a more affordable option than traditional weddings.

Spending thousands of dollars on your wedding may seem like a waste of money if money is tight or you'd rather use your hard-earned funds elsewhere. The typical wedding costs about $33,000 in the United States. For many, these may be pretty pricey. In general, you should budget $150 to $200 per person. That covers the setting, design, menu, libations, and entertainment.

Meanwhile, elopement ceremonies are often less costly. A simple elopement ceremony typically costs around $900. Simply put, you have fewer people and fewer structures to manage. This does not imply that your enjoyment of your celebration is diminished. Elopements may be incredibly intimate and stunningly gorgeous. You can fully party after one, too!

2. You can elope anywhere in the world - there are no limits!

Take your pick from a memorable destination or a place you've always wanted to visit. Pick a special location that will make your wedding even more unforgettable because you've already determined you want something new and memorable.

If you want your ceremony to be official, certain locations could have some restrictions, but if you're prepared to sign the paperwork at the courthouse beforehand or online, you can have a symbolic ceremony almost anywhere on the planet.

3. Eloping is more intimate - you'll have fewer guests, which means more time spent with those who matter the most.

With a smaller guest list, intimate weddings are all about ensuring your special day is intimate and meaningful. This allows you to spend more time with the people who are most important to you. When you don't have to worry about finding catering for 300 people, you'll be able to concentrate more on the little aspects of your special day and put your money toward the things that are really important to you.

4. There are no rules when it comes to eloping - you can do whatever you want!

There isn't a specific way to elope. The truth is that there are NO RULES for elopements! You might create your own timeline or adhere to all the rules of a conventional wedding schedule. You could have a party and invite guests in exchange for presents (you're still getting married and need kitchen equipment), or you could request donations to a charity instead of pots and pans. Either let people know in advance or let them know after the fact by inviting close friends and family to a party. Make sure every decision you make feels good to you and makes you happy at every turn.

5. Eloping is a great way to avoid stress and drama leading up to your wedding day.

The big day's planning might be a juggling act. Planning a conventional wedding may be challenging, from designing invitations to arranging with your florist, caterer, location, and other elements and providers. Let's face it; it can be terrible! But planning an elopement can be the simplest way to make your special day less stressful.

Eloping enables you to do away with all the extraneous elements and have a relaxed, stress-free wedding day! Keep in mind that while your wedding day will only last one day, your marriage will last a lifetime. Spend your day doing things that best reflect your relationship. Elopements enable couples to shift the emphasis from public performance in front of their friends and acquaintances to a day that is entirely focused on them, their commitment to one another, and how they want their day to be. 

6. Eloping brings freedom - freedom of selecting an outfit, number of guests, and everything included.

One of the main justifications for eloping is the freedom to show your love unconventionally. When you reject the notion that x, y, and z must be present at your wedding, you free yourself to choose how you want to celebrate.

You want your wedding day to truly reflect you, your relationship, and your shared beliefs. A grandiose, traditional wedding simply doesn't do this for many individuals.

So select your yellow dress or pick a purple maxi; decide how cozy and intimate you want your wedding to be; choose any or all the activities that you want, and pick the place of your dreams (could even be your backyard), and say I DO! Embrace the freedom eloping brings.

7. You'll have a beautiful story to tell about your unique wedding experience.

What a thrill now that you have eloped! People frequently claim that the day of their wedding is the finest day of their lives, but was it also the biggest adventure they had ever been on? Many people don’t. How amazing and symbolic it is to combine the two into one transcendental feeling of experiencing the magic around your elopement. Imagine what a beautiful story and a memory to cherish it will be, to recall forever.

Is eloping best for everyone?

Just like traditional weddings are not for everyone, elopements are not the best option for everyone either.

Most individuals learn early on that there is only one way to get married. Everyone you know is gathered in a large space to celebrate in front of everyone, and you're making your way around the crowd to introduce yourself to people you don't really know, like your mom's aunts and cousin, who will come up to you and eagerly ask if you remember them from the one time you met them when you were three. If not having everyone you know there makes you feel uncomfortable, or you feel like you're missing out on something, then elopements are not for you. You may also skip eloping if you have always been a social butterfly; that too, a conventional one.

Are there reasons not to elope?

While eloping has a lot to brag about, there might be a possibility that you could pass. It would help if you also considered the reasons not to elope.

1. You’re an extrovert.

2. Money is not a problem.

3. You want your family, friends, and extended family to be a part of your big day.

4. Traveling and adventure are not your things.

5. You prefer things to go traditionally.

Here at Courtly, we know that love isn't one-size-fits-all. Whether you decide to elope or tie the knot in front of 300 guests, Courtly hopes it helped you make the decision you have been looking for. Love doesn't need a big wedding after all.


1. Is eloping bad?

The decision to elope is just like deciding to get married. Now, how you want to get married is something only you should decide. There is no good or bad.

2. What are the benefits of eloping?

Eloping is less stressful, more intimate, and easier on the pocket than traditional weddings. It also gives you the freedom to decide exactly how you want to tie the knot.

3. Should couples elope or go for traditional marriages?

This decision varies from couple to couple. Your outlook on how your wedding should be decides whether you want to elope or wed traditionally.

4. Should you elope alone or with friends and family?

This choice is entirely yours. While eloping is an intimate wedding, a few close friends and immediate family wouldn’t hurt.

5. Do couples regret eloping?

Eloping is the decision most couples prefer nowadays because they don't want to regret the full, fat wedding experience. In contrast, regretting eloping is highly unlikely because of lesser hassle and stress involved.

6. What are some outfit inspirations for an elopement?

The freedom to choose is the beauty of elopement. You may either choose the traditional white gown or entirely ditch the formal attire and pick a jumpsuit instead. You may dress up in a classy summer dress or go all out in an adventurous outfit. Everything works in elopements.

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