Eloping online can be a stress-free and convenient option for couples seeking to get married. With the right tools and resources, it can be just as meaningful as an in-person elopement. Courtly is one such option that enables couples to obtain a legal and binding marriage from anywhere in the world, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Since 2020, the United States has legalized online marriage applications through Utah, eliminating the need for physical presence during the ceremony. The first step to getting married online is to fill out the application form, which requires personal details of both partners. It is essential to double-check all information before submitting the form.

Courtly provides a step-by-step guide to the application process, and a personal concierge is available to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The platform enables couples of any nationality, sexuality, or physical location to get legally married online, from obtaining a marriage license to performing the ceremony.

After obtaining the marriage license, couples can select a suitable time and date to exchange vows. With Courtly, couples have the flexibility to get married 24/7, regardless of their physical location. Military personnel and incarcerated individuals can also utilize this option, provided they have a reliable internet connection with a webcam. Typically, couples get married within 3-7 days of using Courtly, but the platform can accommodate faster ceremonies within 24 hours if needed.

The Advantages of Eloping Online

With the rising popularity of online weddings over the past decade, couples are drawn to the convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness that this option offers. Online elopements provide a hassle-free and efficient way for modern couples to tie the knot.

One of the main perks of eloping online is the assurance of privacy. Since it's low-key, couples don't have to inform anyone about their marriage. Nevertheless, this non-traditional approach still allows couples to keep some traditions alive, like writing their own vows or selecting special music for the ceremony.

One of the most significant advantages of eloping is that it allows couples to save money. By avoiding the need to book a venue and cater to a large number of guests, couples can avoid the often high costs associated with traditional weddings. Additionally, eloping enables couples to choose a location that holds personal significance to them, such as a place where they went on their first date or shared a special moment.

Moreover, elopement provides couples with the freedom to create a truly unique experience that reflects their personalities and interests. From selecting unique wedding outfits to choosing a stunning outdoor backdrop, couples can ensure that their wedding is a memorable and authentic representation of who they are.

Elopement enables couples to share an intimate experience together. Without guests, couples can focus solely on each other and remain present in the moment, allowing them to fully enjoy the experience. Elopement also gives couples control over their wedding timeline, ensuring that the event is tailored to their preferences.

Ultimately, eloping allows couples to have a personalized, budget-friendly, and unforgettable wedding without sacrificing quality. Whether it's a romantic beach ceremony or a quiet woodland setting, eloping can be a special and cherished experience for couples.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Online Elopement

 There are two types of online wedding services: 

  1. Services that assist with planning or streaming a wedding online.
  2. Services that help you get completely and legally married online.

A legal marriage conducted online, also known as a virtual wedding or an e-marriage, is a form of marriage where the couple completes the legal requirements for marriage online, without being physically present in the same location. These platforms are used to ease the couple into taking the plunge.  They offer services that help each couple attain their dream wedding, albeit a quaint ceremony between the two or a big celebration shared with family and friends.  By providing them with the tools such as a video conference with an officiant, the couple is able to invite whomever they want and guests from around the world can witness the ceremony from the comfort of their own homes. 

Getting married through an online platform can provide couples with a convenient and affordable way to do so. Online marriage services allow couples to bypass the need to hire a wedding planner or officiant, and often provide a range of services to help them plan and execute the perfect wedding. By using an online platform, couples can save time and money, as well as reduce stress related to planning and organizing the wedding.

If you prefer to have a more elaborate wedding, platforms like SimplyEloped can also help you plan the ceremony online with pre-set packages. They give couples access to a wide range of potential venues and vendors, making it easier for them to find the perfect location for their special day.

To learn more about how to pick the best online marriage service, see our article on the Top 10 Online Marriage Services

How to Elope Online with Courtly

Using Courtly, couples may do the entire process online from any place. A legitimate US marriage certificate may be acquired quickly, easily, and in most cases, in less than 48 hours, without any documentation.

1. Complete the sign-up procedure by creating an account.

It's super simple to register with Courtly and get married online! To join, simply click the "Get Married" button in the top right corner and follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as you create your account, you will be able to begin filling up your application.

2. Upload your pictures and private data.

A government-issued ID with the applicant's name and birthday clearly displayed is required.Our secure ID system accepts several types of IDs from more than 200 nations!

We will check for any ambiguities and work with the authorities to make sure everything is ready for your big day.

3. Decide on the ceremony's format, setting, and officiant.

It's time to act! Choose a venue and ceremony style that suits you. Depending on the time and day you select, we'll match you with one of Courtly's legally qualified US officiants.

4. After paying for your wedding package, you will get an email confirmation.

Make the payment and watch for Courtly's email of confirmation. When this is finished, the wedding bells should start to sound!

5. Join your family and friends online to celebrate your marriage!

Finally, get hitched online while lounging in your house (or any other place with a strong internet connection!). It should take roughly 15 minutes to complete the ceremony.

A digital copy of your US marriage certificate will be sent to you immediately after your online wedding, and a printed copy will be sent to you within a week or two. Soon after the wedding, you may download your digital marriage license.

Eloping online is a fast and uncomplicated process. With just a few steps, you'll be able to complete the process with ease. All you need is a valid email address, identification, and your payment method. For more information about Courtly's effort in making online marriage possible, please visit our website.

Let us handle the paperwork.

Getting married is complicated. Courtly simplifies the process and provides everything necessary to get married online, including providing a licensed officiant who can perform a remote ceremony.

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