How it all started

It all began with Jeremy and Kati, a couple whose journey to matrimony took an unconventional path. They discovered the ease and convenience of getting married online through Utah County, an experience that transformed their perception of what a wedding could be. This sparked a conversation with their friend Micaela, who was navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth of organizing a courthouse wedding in New York City.

Facing unexpected legal hurdles and a pressing timeline, Micaela's vision for a hassle-free wedding seemed out of reach until Jeremy and Kati introduced her to the concept of an online marriage. Micaela's subsequent hybrid wedding—a legal online ceremony coupled with an intimate celebration—highlighted the flexibility and inclusivity possible with digital solutions.

Inspired by these experiences, Micaela, Jeremy, and Kati founded Courtly. Their goal was straightforward: to streamline the marriage process, making it more accessible and less burdensome for couples worldwide. Courtly emerged as a platform dedicated to demystifying the legalities of marriage, offering a seamless online solution that respects the essence of personal commitment while eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Courtly is now the leader in online marriage.

We champion the idea that marriage should be a right accessible to all, free from traditional constraints and bureaucratic red tape.

Our Commitment

“We founded Courtly with a clear purpose: to simplify the marriage process, making it accessible to couples worldwide. Inspired by our own experiences with the complexities of traditional marriage, we're committed to easing those burdens for you. At the heart of Courtly is innovation, inclusivity, and simplicity. Our mission is to support your unique love stories, transforming legal online marriage into a seamless experience. We stand for the celebration of all love, providing a direct and uncomplicated route to marriage.”

- Micaela Beltran, CEO & Co-Founder

Use Courtly to make it official.

From securing your marriage license to performing your ceremony, Courtly is bringing the courthouse to your house and is committed to uniting couples worldwide.

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