The pros of a destination wedding

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider a destination wedding:

  • You'll get to see another part of the world.
  • It can be more private.
  • The food. Think margaritas, tacos, and fresh guacamole if you're going to Mexico!
  • Your wedding could double as your honeymoon.
  • You'll most likely have fewer guests, and they will probably be close friends and family members who truly care about you.

The cons of a destination wedding

It's not that destination weddings can't be amazing and fun and memorable—they absolutely can be all those things. But, again, you've got to consider whether they're right for you.

Before you decide, make sure to consider:

  • How many guests you want to invite compared with how many will actually come. If your wedding is in Bali, it could be hard for some people to make the trip. That said, if you know only 20 people would show up for a big wedding at home and 80 would go abroad with you—and have a blast doing so—then that might be a better fit for you.
  • The logistics of planning an entire event from afar. If planning your wedding gives you hives just talking about it, then this may not be the best option for you (unless your heart is set on having one). Planning a destination wedding takes even more work than putting together the traditional version because all of the tasks are complicated by the distance involved. The sooner after setting a date that plans and details are finalized, the better; otherwise costs will increase as flights get booked up closer to the date and certain venues become unavailable as others book them up first.
  • What season/month/weekend makes sense both logistically (for example: hurricane season in Jamaica) and financially (a cruise ship is generally cheaper in spring or fall). You also have to think about what time of year works best for your guests (no one wants their loved ones traveling during tax season). Also consider any holidays that may fall on or around your chosen weekend if those celebrations are important to anyone involved—if so, it could mean even more time off from work required.
  • Whether getting legally married abroad is even possible; every country has its own rules about this sort of thing (you may need witness signatures or blood tests). And since some countries don't recognize marriages conducted there by non-citizens as legal unions back home, check whether any extra
Destination weddings may be cheaper, but they're not necessarily easier to plan.

Even if you plan to get married on a white sandy beach, there's a good chance that a destination wedding will end up being more expensive for you and your guests than getting married locally. Most destination weddings take place at an all-inclusive resort, which means that the venue, the food, and the entertainment are included in one price. This can lead to couples (and their families) thinking that they're saving money by having a wedding far away from home. But if you think about it—what this really means is that you're paying for international airfare, hotel rooms, and meals for all of your guests out of pocket. All those extra costs can really add up—and what might seem reasonable to you may not be feasible for your guests.

On top of travel costs and lodging expenses, it's worth considering how much more complicated it may be to plan a wedding in another country. If you decide to purchase items like party favors or centerpieces from local vendors at your venue instead of bringing them with you from home, those purchases can quickly make up the difference between having a cheaper destination wedding versus getting married locally. Additionally, many resorts require couples who marry there to use their venues' preferred vendors so they don't lose out on potential profit opportunities by referring business elsewhere.

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