Lucky Days to Get Married in 2024

January 11, 2024
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Starting married life on a positive note is a goal for everyone, and for some, this includes ensuring good fortune is on their side for the big day. There are many ways for couples who are superstitious to invite good luck, such as wearing specific colors and incorporating something old, new, borrowed, and blue. One popular option is to select an auspicious wedding date.

Eleni N. Gage, a wedding expert and author of Lucky in Love: Traditions, Customs, and Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding, believes that keeping auspiciousness in mind is essential for celebrating luck and being intentional about wedding planning. Even if you are unsure about the power of luck, choosing a lucky wedding date has no downside. Gage suggests selecting a date that feels lucky to you, such as the date when your dream venue is available or your grandparents' anniversary, or a date that sounds lucky. 

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Lucky Holidays for a Wedding

Although some holidays and days of remembrance, like National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December 7th) and September 11th, are typically avoided for weddings, there are other holidays that can be a perfect fit.

New Year's Eve is an excellent time to exchange vows since it symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. It's an ideal time to celebrate the end of the past year and the beginning of a new one as a newlywed couple. And what could be better than starting the new year with your partner by your side as your spouse?

Valentine's Day is another holiday that would be a lucky day. Getting married on Valentine's Day is romantic because it is a day dedicated to love and romance. It is a special day to express your love and commitment to one another, and to celebrate the love that you share. It is a day that is celebrated around the world and has become a special symbol of love and happiness for couples everywhere.

Easter Sunday is an auspicious day to get married as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. This makes it a symbolically meaningful time to start a new life together as a married couple. Additionally, the Easter holiday often falls around the same time as spring, a traditional time for weddings. With the warmer weather and the advent of spring blooms, Easter provides a beautiful backdrop for a couple's wedding photos and can make for a memorable day for all involved.

Memorial Day is a great option to get hitched because it is a day of celebration and remembrance. It is a time to commemorate those who have served and sacrificed in service to the country. This makes it a meaningful and special day to exchange vows. e to start a new life together.  It is typically considered a low-stress time of year, as there are no major holidays or events to worry about. This allows couples to focus on their union without the added stress of planning for a major holiday.  With nicer weather and longer days, there are more options for outdoor ceremonies, allowing couples to take advantage of natural beauty and light. 

Independence Day is favorable day to hold a wedding ceremony because it serves as a reminder of a couple's freedom to choose their own destiny and destiny as a couple. It is an opportunity to start a new life together, as it is a day that celebrates independence and freedom. Additionally, as it is a major holiday that stands out from other days of the year. 

Labor Day is a great time to get married because it marks the end of summer and the start of a new school year, making it a perfect opportunity to have a late summer wedding. Additionally, because it is a holiday, many people are off work and have the day off, so more of your loved ones may be able to attend. Since Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, many venues and vendors may offer discounted prices for booking a wedding around that time. 

Thanksgiving is also another great option. It is a time of celebration and being thankful for the people around you.  It also offers an opportunity to incorporate traditional Thanksgiving themes into your wedding, such as a fall-themed color palette, traditional foods, and family-oriented activities. Lastly, the season offers gorgeous scenery and a perfect backdrop for wedding photos and memories you can cherish for years to come.

Christmas is a good time to tie the knot because it's a special time of year that is often associated with love, joy, family and celebration. Many couples choose to get married during the Christmas season due to the belief that it will bring extra luck and good tidings to their marriage. It's also a time of year when loved ones are usually available to attend the wedding ceremony and share in the couple's special moment.

Having your wedding during one of these holidays could mean extra time to celebrate as some of them fall on three day weekends and most of your guests would be out of work.  Your guests will more than likely have the time to celebrate with you and your spouse will have an easier time remembering their anniverary since it falls on a memorable holiday. 

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Lucky Wedding Dates according to Religion

While some seasons in the Christian calendar, such as Lent, may not be ideal for weddings, there are other festive times of the year that are perfect for tying the knot.

Advent: Christians celebrate the time leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ with joy and excitement. If you're planning a winter wedding, the Advent season may be the perfect time to exchange vows.

Christmas to Epiphany: According to the liturgical calendar, the Christmas season begins on December 25 and ends with Epiphany in mid-February. This is a time of celebration in the Christian faith, and it's an excellent season for a wedding.

Hindu couples often seek the help of an astrologer to determine a fortunate date for their wedding by analyzing their birth dates and the panchangram (an astrological almanac) according to Vedic astrology.

Muhurat Calendar: Some may prefer to take a do-it-yourself approach by using a "muhurat calendar" to find an auspicious time for the ceremony to begin. By entering their information, the website can select a lucky date and time for the couple.

In the Jewish calendar, there are certain days and months that are considered auspicious for weddings.

Tuesdays: According to the Torah, on the third day of creation, God saw that it was good twice, which has led some religious scholars to interpret that Tuesdays are extra special. As such, many Jewish couples choose to get married on a Tuesday. On the other hand, Fridays are generally avoided for weddings due to the Shabbat.

Rosh Chodesh: This is the beginning of the month in the Jewish lunar calendar and is considered an auspicious time to get married since it is when the moon renews.

18: In Jewish culture, the number 18 is considered lucky because each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, and the letters "heth" and "yod" together spell the word "chai," which means "life."

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Astrological Wedding Dates

Looking to the cosmos for guidance when choosing an auspicious wedding date is a popular trend among many couples. The time after a new moon, known as the waxing moon, is often deemed an ideal time to wed, as it is considered a lucky period. Astrologers may also consult your birth chart to find the best time for your wedding. Supermoons are also regarded as fortuitous times to exchange vows, as they are associated with heightened energy and positive change, in addition to providing extra light for outdoor receptions.

The midsummer solstice, considered the wedding of heaven and earth by Druids, is another lucky time to get married, although every month has its lucky days. A full or nearly full moon is also a beautiful time to tie the knot, as it can serve as "cosmic decor" for an evening reception. Therefore, checking the lunar calendar can be helpful in finding the perfect date for your wedding.

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Best Wedding Dates According to Numerology

Numerology offers a method to determine an auspicious wedding date by using the life path formula. To calculate this, you add the numerical representations of your birth date, month, and year. For instance, April is represented by 04, which reduces to 0+4=4. You do the same for the date and year. You then add M+M+D+D+Y+Y+Y+Y and reduce it to a single digit. If you get a double-digit number, you add the two digits together to get a number between 1 and 9. For example, someone born on April 21, 1993 would have a life path number of 2 (0+4+2+1+1+9+9+3=29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2).

Couples can compare their life path numbers and add them together to get their lucky number, which they can use to plan their wedding date. For example, a person with a life path number of 2 marrying someone with a life path number of 5 would want to plan their wedding around the number 7 (2+5=7).

Lucky Days of the Week for a Wedding

Although Saturdays are the most popular day to get married, they may not necessarily be the luckiest. As previously mentioned, different cultures have different beliefs about which days are the most auspicious for weddings. For example, according to the Jewish calendar, Tuesdays are considered lucky, while Wednesdays are deemed special in Celtic folklore. A traditional Celtic rhyme goes: "Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, and Saturday no luck at all."

Unlucky Wedding Dates

Friday the 13th is a day that many people consider unlucky, and as such, many couples avoid getting married on this date. In the coming years, there will be Friday the 13th in September and December 2024, and June 2025. The Ides of March, which falls on March 15, is also widely considered an unlucky day due to Julius Caesar's assassination on that date in 44 BC.

Leap Day, which only comes around every four years, is another day that some couples may wish to avoid getting married on. Additionally, certain religions may forbid marrying during specific periods, such as Lent for Orthodox Christians or Ramadan for Muslims.

The religions and cultures you are affiliated with can greatly influence your choice of an auspicious wedding ceremony date.  Lucky days vary by culture, citing Jewish lore that considers Tuesdays lucky because God saw that it was good on the third day of Creation, while Greek folklore deems Tuesdays unlucky due to Constantinople's fall on that day.  Therefore, it is crucial to select a wedding date that resonates with you and your partner and feels the most auspicious, regardless of any contradictory beliefs.  

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