Common Questions about Digital Marriage Certificates

July 8, 2024
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Marriage is a significant commitment and an important part of any couple's life. In the past, couples had to visit a courthouse or attend a wedding to get a marriage certificate. But technology has advanced. Now, couples can get a US marriage certificate at home. They can even get it from anywhere in the world.

At Courtly, we help couples get a legal US marriage certificate completely online. The process is quick, easy, and stress-free. After your wedding, you will get a blockchain-authenticated, digital copy of your marriage certificate within 24 hours. The physical copy follows mail within a week or two.

We frequently receive inquiries about digital marriage certificates, so we've compiled a list of the most common questions here. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

What are the benefits of having a digital marriage certificate?

Convenience: Having a digital copy of your legal US marriage certificate can make it easier to get other key documents. These include a passport or driver's license. They often need a marriage certificate.

Accessibility: Digital certificates are easier to store and access. Physical certificates can get lost or damaged. With a digital copy of the marriage certificate, you can have access to their certificate at all times.

Security: Digital certificates are encrypted. They are stored in a secure database. This makes them hard to tamper with or steal. This added security provides peace of mind for you and your partner.

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How is the marriage certificate signed?

The process is streamlined, convenient, and secure. The couple must sign a digital affidavit. It says that they can marry. This signature serves as a declaration of their eligibility to tie the knot.

The officiant is also expected to sign the digital marriage certificate. Their signature also confirms that two witnesses were present during the ceremony. And, the officiant and witnesses can attest that the couple got married of their own free will. The signature also confirms that Utah Code 46-4-201's requirements have been met.

Do online weddings say “online” on the marriage certificate?

Many people wonder if online weddings result in a certificate that says "online". The answer is no. The marriage certificate that Courtly issues to couples who get their license is the same as the one issued to all other couples. This has been the case since January of 2020 when Utah County transitioned to a fully digital system for issuing all of their marriage licenses.

As a result, all licenses are issued digitally and signatures are captured electronically. This modern way of issuing marriage licenses has made the process faster and safer. Couples no longer need to worry about losing or damaging a paper certificate. Their digital certificate will be stored in a secure database.

Overall, getting a marriage license and certificate through Courtly under Utah County is simple. The result is a certificate that is just as valid and official as one obtained in person.

Is an online wedding recognized by other U.S. States?

A marriage legally performed in one state will be recognized in all other states, regardless of their specific marriage laws. This principle is based on the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution. It requires each state to recognize the legal acts and court decisions of every other state.

How does getting married in an online ceremony affect immigration or travel for a couple?

The impact of an online wedding on immigration or travel can vary depending on the policies of the countries involved. Having a certified and apostilled marriage certificate may ease travel during general travel bans. But, it may not be enough for immigration. In these cases, immigration officials may need more proof that the relationship is authentic.

So, it is important for couples married in a web-conference to understand the rules of the countries they want to travel to or move to. They should be ready to provide more documents. Immigration officials may ask for them.

What is the legality of an online marriage?

The weddings done via Courtly and the marriage certificates issued and certified by Utah County undergo a thorough process to ensure their validity. This includes the legal application and issuance of a marriage license. Then, a legally binding wedding ceremony in the state. And the official registration of the marriage with the County. Once a couple gets a certified copy of their marriage certificate. Their union is recognized by Utah and US legal authorities. This ensures that their marriage is valid and recognized by the state and the country.


In conclusion, digital marriage certificates offer a modern, convenient alternative to traditional paper certificates. They are legally recognized, easy to obtain, and secure, providing couples with a streamlined process for documenting their union. As technology continues to advance, virtual weddings are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Whether you're planning your wedding or need a replacement certificate, understanding the benefits and process of obtaining a digital marriage certificate can help simplify your journey. At Courtly, we're committed to providing you with reliable information and services to support all your marriage-related needs.

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