How to Avoid Getting a Fake Online Marriage Certificate

May 16, 2022
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As more and more aspects of our lives move online, obtaining an official marriage certificate is no exception. With a few clicks of a button, you can now order and receive your marriage certificate in digital form, making the process faster and more convenient than ever before. However, this ease of access has also opened the door for fraudulent activity, and many couples have fallen victim to fake online marriage certificates. Not only can this cause legal and financial headaches, but it can also be a devastating blow to the memories of your special day. Unless you're intentionally looking for a fake wedding service, like what Wed on Web offers, here's a guide for avoiding illegitimate marriage scams.

6 Tips to Avoid Scams and Get a Legitimate Online Marriage Certificate

In this article, we'll provide you with tips and guidance on how to avoid getting a fake online marriage certificate. From identifying trustworthy websites to knowing what information to look for, we'll help you navigate the digital landscape to ensure that your marriage certificate is legitimate and valid. So, whether you're newlyweds or planning to tie the knot soon, read on to learn how to protect yourself from fake online marriage certificates.

Make sure that the apostille is an original certificate (i.e. not a copy)

To the untrained eye, an original apostille and a copy might look identical. How can you tell if one is real or fake?

The easiest way to spot a fake apostille is to look for the words “Copy” or “Copy of Original” stamped in red ink on the copy. These stamps are sometimes also in black ink.

It's important that your marriage certificate receive an original apostille because otherwise it will not be accepted by foreign countries as valid legal proof of your marriage. This is because a document with an apostille has been notarized by a public official, whereas a document that has been notarized has not necessarily received an apostille.

Look for the stamp of the apostille verification or the seal to make sure that you're not getting a fake marriage certificate

First, check for the apostille stamp/seal. If you are ordering from an online source and want to make sure that the marriage certificate you are getting is legitimate, look for the stamp of the apostille verification. This will be a signature that is stamped over the seal of authenticity on your document. The placement of this stamp may vary depending on where you were married and where you order your marriage certificate from. Some examples include:

  • On top of the seal
  • On the back of the document
  • On the front of the document
  • On bottom left corner of document
  • On bottom right corner of document

Check to see if the document has been received by an official government agency, as this can mean that it's authentic

Check to see if the document has been received by an official government agency. These documents are typically sent through internal email systems or faxed and then scanned onto a computer. An official seal, stamps, and signatures will often be found on these documents. If any of these things are missing from the document, it is likely a fake certificate.

Look out for official government stamps, as they will often be a sign that a virtual marriage certificate is legitimate

Fake virtual marriage certificates are a very real thing, and it's important to know what to look for so that you don't end up with one. The most obvious sign of a fake marriage certificate is if the document lacks official stamps or seals from government agencies. This may seem like an obvious sign, but unfortunately there are some very sophisticated scammers out there who can make the seal look legitimate.

The two best things to look out for on your online marriage certificate are an apostille verification and/or the seal of the Secretary of State's office. If you can find both, then it is likely that your marriage certificate is authentic. However, if you cannot find either, then you should take your marriage license to your local social security office so that they can verify its authenticity before you start filling it out again!

Check with your local municipality before you start trying to obtain your marriage license online. They may be able to help verify it or have other documents you need for your situation (such as divorce papers, previous marriage certificates)

When you're looking for your actual marriage certificate online, it's important to check with your local municipality to make sure that they have a record of it. They may also be able to help verify the validity of the certificates you find, or even have additional documents you need in order to get married in your area.

The best way to do this is by contacting them through their website or calling them directly. Some municipalities may require an appointment so they can meet with you face-to-face (or virtually) and provide all necessary information about what documentation is required for obtaining legal marital status.

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