Getting married in secret has a number of potential benefits. For one, couples can avoid the often-costly and stressful process of planning a big wedding. This can give them more time to actually enjoy the start of their married life together. Additionally, couples who choose to marry secretly may be able to save money in the long run, since they won't need to contend with costs such as wedding dresses, tuxedos, venue hire, catering, and so on. 

With a secret marriage, couples may be able to avoid the sometimes-conflicting demands of their families and the expectations of society. This can give them the freedom to explore their own relationship and marriage aspirations without feeling the pressure of external expectations. Couples may also find that getting married in secret allows them to keep their relationship more private, as they won't have to disclose information about their wedding to the public. 

Tips for keeping your wedding a secret

When it comes to eloping, discretion is key. To ensure that your secret elopement is a success, here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, plan ahead. Decide who you will tell and when you will tell them. This way you're sure to keep your elopement private. It's also important to plan the details of your trip, such as where you'll go, how you'll get there, and what you'll need. Keep in mind that telling just one person will make it that much harder to keep your wedding a secret. If you don’t want to risk it, don’t tell anyone.

Second, think carefully about how you will tell family and friends. Consider the reaction of the people in your life, and plan how you will handle questions or pushback.

Third, make sure you have the necessary paperwork. You'll want to research what is required for a legal marriage in your area. This could include a marriage license and other documentation.

Fourth, consider hiring a professional to help you. Many couples choose to hire a wedding planner to help with the details. A wedding planner can also serve as a liaison between you and family or friends who want to be kept in the loop.

Fifth, relax and enjoy the moment. Eloping is a big decision, and you only have one chance to make it right. Take some time to rest and reflect before the big day.

Following these steps will help you plan the perfect elopement that you and your partner can cherish forever.

The benefits of a secret wedding

One of the major benefits of getting hitched in secret is that it offers couples a chance to save money. Since there’s no need to book a venue and cater a large number of guests, couples can avoid the often exorbitant costs associated with traditional weddings. Furthermore, it allows couples to choose a location that has personal significance to them, such as a place they went on their first date or where they had their first kiss.

It can also provide couples with an opportunity to create a truly special experience. Instead of just attending a generic wedding ceremony, couples can customize their wedding to reflect their personalities and interests. From wearing unique wedding outfits to selecting a beautiful outdoor backdrop, couples can ensure that their wedding is as memorable and unique as possible.

It also gives couples the chance to share a truly intimate experience. Since there are usually no guests, couples can focus on each other, allowing them to remain present in the moment and truly enjoy the experience. 

The cons of secret wedding

Keeping the wedding a secret from friends and family can cause strain on relationships and lead to feelings of hurt and betrayal. Family and friends play an important role in a couple's life, and getting married without their support can leave the couple feeling isolated.

A wedding is a significant event in a couple's life, and doing it in secret may result in a lack of memories and a lack of shared experiences with loved ones. The couple may regret their decision to hide their wedding and wish they had shared their special day with loved ones.

How to have a secret wedding online

Getting married online can be a convenient and stress-free way option for couples to undertake. With the right resources and tools, an online marriage can be just as meaningful as eloping in person. With an option like Courtly, the couple can be thousands of miles apart and still obtain a legal binding marriage from the comfort of their homes. 

Since 2020, the US legalized online marriage applications through Utah, and it does not require physical presence for the ceremony. 

The first step is to fill out the application form. This will typically include your personal information, such as your address and contact details, as well as your partner’s information. Be sure to double-check all information before submitting the form. 

Courtly offers a step-by-step guide through the application process along with your own personal concierge, so that everything can run smoothly. Courtly makes it possible for any couple around the world to get legally married online, 24/7. From obtaining a marriage license to performing the ceremony, Courtly is bringing the aisle online for couples in the 21st century—regardless of their nationality, sexuality, or physical location.

Once you receive the marriage certificate you can pick a time and date that is suitable for you and your partner and when we mean you can get married 24/7, we mean 24/7. Couples don’t even have to be in the same country, let alone the same room. Military men and women and even those who are incarcerated can even use Courtly as long as you have a good internet connection with a webcam. 

The benefits of having a secret wedding online

Online weddings have become increasingly popular in the past decade due to their convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness. They offer couples a stress-free and efficient way to tie the knot, making them an ideal option for modern couples. You don’t need to tell anyone about your marriage because it’s ultra-lowkey. Plus, even though it’s a non-traditional way to get married, couples can still keep some of the traditions alive by writing their own vows, or including special music during the ceremony. 

And if you don’t want to keep it a secret, you are able to invite up to 100 guests on your customized link so that your friends and family from around the world can join in and watch your ceremony. This makes your day even more special by being able to see your loved ones on your big day without the stress and expense of travel.


Courtly weddings provide couples with convenience and flexibility. With an online wedding, couples can choose to have their ceremony at any time and any location, without having to worry about the availability of a physical venue. This option has made online marriages appealing to those who want to think outside the box and not have a cookie cutter wedding.


Let us handle the paperwork.

Getting married is complicated. Courtly simplifies the process and provides everything necessary to get married online, including providing a licensed officiant who can perform a remote ceremony.

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