How to get married as fast as possible in India

August 2, 2022
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In recent years, online weddings have gained popularity as a convenient and time-saving option for couples looking to get married quickly. Online weddings allow couples to exchange vows and complete the legal formalities remotely, without the need for physical presence at a traditional wedding venue.

Courtly is one example of an online platform in India that facilitates virtual marriages. It provides a platform where couples can legally marry online by following the necessary procedures. By utilizing platforms like Courtly, couples can simplify the process and save time, making it possible to get married quickly.

Fastest Way to Get Married in India

One of the quickest ways to get married in India is through an online marriage. Online marriages provide a convenient and time-saving option for couples looking to tie the knot quickly. You just have to apply for a marriage certificate online and pay the required fee. After that, you'll need to provide evidence that both parties involved are above 18 years old, which can be done by submitting a driver's license number or passport number as proof of age.

Through Courtly, couples can conveniently complete the entire marriage process online, regardless of their location. This process is hassle-free, doesn't involve paperwork, and typically takes less than 48 hours to acquire a legally recognized US marriage certificate.

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The Legality of Online Marriages in India

In India, online marriages are generally not legally recognized under traditional norms. However, Courtly offers a unique opportunity for couples to have an online wedding and obtain a legal US marriage certificate, which can be recognized in India. This process is similar to getting married abroad but eliminates the need for inconvenient and expensive travel.

Foreign marriage certificates are recognized in India, and Courtly follows the established protocols provided by Utah County to ensure the legality of the marriage certificate in the US. Virtual couples also have the option to have their marriage certificate signed with an apostille for additional certification of its legitimacy.

Need for Registration of Online Marriages in India

As per the Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill, marriages conducted outside India must be registered with a Marriage Officer appointed among diplomatic officers in a foreign country. This applies even if you have a U.S. marriage certificate from a virtual marriage. 

To obtain further clarity on the legal status of your remote appearance wedding and any additional requirements for recognition, it is advisable to reach out to officials in your jurisdiction or consult with an immigration or family law attorney. They can assist you in understanding the specific legalities and guide you through the necessary steps or documentation for proper recognition.

Understanding Apostille Certification

An Apostille is an internationally recognized certificate of authentication issued by the country with jurisdiction over the document. It verifies the authenticity of the document and enables its use in other countries. India accepts Apostilles as a member of the Hague Convention of 1961.

Courtly offers Apostille certification services, which typically take 15 to 30 business days for the certificate to reach India after the online ceremony. This certification ensures the document's validity and facilitates its acceptance in international jurisdictions.

Applying for an Online Marriage in India

Couples can conveniently complete the entire marriage process online from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection. With Courtly, the process is straightforward and hassle-free:

  1. Assistance with obtaining the license: Courtly's concierge will guide you through the process of obtaining your marriage license. They use a secure ID verification system to ensure the documentation is in order. They will also review all the details to ensure everything is prepared for your special day and coordinate with the relevant authorities.
  2. Matching with a certified US officiant: Once your license is in order, Courtly will match you with one of their certified US officiants. These officiants are experienced professionals who will conduct your virtual ceremony.
  3. Virtual ceremony at your chosen time and date: You can have a simple virtual ceremony in the comfort of your own home or any other location with a reliable internet connection. The ceremony itself is typically short, lasting just a few minutes.
  4. Online and print copies of your marriage certificate: Shortly after your online ceremony, you will receive a digital copy of your US marriage certificate online. Additionally, a printed copy will be shipped to you within a few business days.

Cost of Online Marriage in India

In contrast to Western weddings, Indian weddings are known for their opulence, vibrant colors, and elaborate ceremonies. These weddings are steeped in sacred traditions and rituals, often lasting up to a week with daily events, meals, and celebrations. The guest list can easily exceed a hundred attendees, making it a grand affair that can be quite expensive. In India, adherence to traditions often takes precedence over budget considerations.

However, online marriages offer a cost-effective alternative. Courtly offers comprehensive packages that cover all the essentials for a successful online marriage. For a fee of ₹39,599, couples can avail themselves of a valid marriage license, an online ceremony, and a legally recognized U.S. marriage certificate. Additional fees may apply if the couple wishes to include an apostille stamp or request witnesses.

Traditional Marriage Process in India

Getting married in India involves a series of pre-ceremony steps that must be completed before the wedding. These steps include obtaining necessary legal documents such as a legal notice and marriage certificate, conducting a marriage ceremony based on the couple's religious or personal preferences, registering the marriage with local authorities, and applying for an official marriage certificate. Additional requirements may vary depending on the couple's religion and specific circumstances, such as parental consent or meeting with a marriage counselor.

For those seeking a hassle-free and quick wedding experience, online marriage is an excellent option. With a valid ID and a reliable internet connection, couples can obtain their marriage certificate within 48 hours, without a lengthy waiting period. Opting for an online marriage also eliminates the expenses associated with travel, elaborate costumes, and accommodations typically involved in traditional ceremonies. Instead, couples can enjoy the convenience of staying at home. 

Furthermore, online marriages allow individuals to bypass the bureaucratic processes commonly associated with in-person ceremonies, making the overall experience more streamlined and efficient.

Advantages of Online Marriages in India

1. Stress-free and quick wedding day experience

Online marriages offer a hassle-free and expedited wedding day experience. The process is streamlined and efficient, allowing couples to complete the necessary steps quickly and with minimal stress. With online ceremonies, there is no need to deal with elaborate preparations or manage multiple events over an extended time.

2. Savings on expenses for travel, costumes, and accommodations

Online marriages provide significant cost savings compared to traditional in-person ceremonies. Couples can avoid expenses related to travel, accommodation, and elaborate costumes, as everything can be done from the comfort of their own homes. This financial advantage makes online marriages an attractive option for those who want to save money without compromising on the legality and sanctity of their union.

3. Avoidance of bureaucratic processes associated with traditional ceremonies

Online marriages offer the advantage of bypassing the bureaucratic processes often involved in traditional marriage ceremonies. Couples can avoid lengthy waiting periods, complicated paperwork, and administrative procedures typically associated with registering and obtaining marriage certificates. This simplifies the overall process and reduces the time and effort required to complete the legal requirements for marriage.


Online marriages in India provide a stress-free and quick wedding day experience, saving couples from the complexities and time-consuming aspects of traditional ceremonies. Online marriages also bring significant cost savings, eliminating expenses related to travel, accommodations, and extravagant costumes. Additionally, they allow couples to bypass bureaucratic processes, making the overall experience more streamlined and efficient.

Online marriages have revolutionized the way couples can unite in matrimony. With the advancement of technology and the availability of platforms like Courtly, couples can now have a legally recognized marriage without the need for in-person ceremonies. The convenience, cost savings, and streamlined process make online marriages appealing for couples who prioritize a hassle-free and efficient wedding experience.

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